VoidWarranties is a hackerspace in Antwerp. It is a place where people of diverse backgrounds come together to meet like minded thinkers and tinkerers, work on their projects, and share tools and knowledge.

At times VoidWarranties can be any of these: a workspace, a living room, a machine shop, an art studio, a classroom, a factory or a meeting room, depending on what is going on. Anyone is free to organize activities at the space, just ask.

Are we open?

Op deze pagina kan je zien of VoidWarranties momenteel open is.

Op onze evenementen pagina staat meer info over wat er wanneer gepland is.

VoidWarranties vzw | Herrystraat 22, 2100 Deurne

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"Enjoy failure and learn from it. You can never learn from success." James Dyson